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Thermal Imaging Home Inspections for Industry Experts

If you are an industry expert that wants to take the professionalism and expertise of home inspections to the next level, then you need to know more about thermal imaging home inspections. Thermal imaging home inspections are the top of the line in professional home inspections and are perfect for experts who want to ensure their inspections are more thoroughly done than their competitors. The following is a closer look at the importance of a proper home inspection and the benefits of thermal imaging home inspections.

The Importance of Professional Home Inspections

As any Realtor, investor or builder knows, a professional home inspection is absolutely essential to doing business in the industry. A professional inspection can save you from headaches–and lawsuits–down the line. Here are a few quick things to consider when choosing an inspection service:

  • Expertise: Do they offer a wide array of experts available for inspections? Do they showcase knowledge in the field, such as demonstrating that they know how to find and handle nuanced property inspection issues?
  • Professional: Do they regularly deal with industry experts? How professional do they seem when you interact?
  • Thoroughness: Do they offer a list of everything they inspect? Do they guarantee inspections of every area of the property?

Thermal Imaging Home Inspections–Ideal For Experts

Thermal imaging is ideal for experts because it allows you to discover problems that are usually overlooked by inspectors who do not have the benefits of this unique equipment.

Thermal imaging inspection is done through a special infrared camera. The infrared camera shows heat signatures throughout the home, allowing the inspector to see in real-time when areas of the home are hotter or colder when compared to the areas around them.  In the process, they will see many issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye due to the hot or cold temperatures these issues produce.

Thermal imaging can clearly show issues such as:

  • Sealant damage: Sealant weakness and damage in windows, doorways, air compressors, and walls; this also includes missing or damaged insulation
  • Electrical problems: Overheating electrical equipment, damaged electrical equipment, overheating circuits, and other electrical issues that could cause fires if they aren’t fixed
  • Pests: Physical presence of mice, squirrels, raccoon, termites, and other WDI pests
  • Moisture problems: Leaking plumbing, set insulation, moisture damage, and water or moisture leaks in the roof and walls

All of these problems can potentially be overlooked by an initial home inspector who does not have the benefit of a thermal imaging camera to help him spot these serious issues. This is especially true for many types of electrical problems, which are hard to spot without the assistance of thermal imagining. If these types of issues are not spotted and taken care of early, then you will find yourself with a much bigger problem on your hands.

Thankfully, with the help of a professional thermal imaging home inspection, you will find that potentially serious problems in the home are discovered and fixed well before you finalize any sales.

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